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April 22, 2009

Lost S05E13

The episode is entitled Some Like It Hoth, which is funny in itself, but also hints at Star Wars references, of which there are plenty.

Once again it’s an old skool season one style episode, revealing the back-story of Miles, the only difference being that our heroes are stuck in 1977. The year they were in never struck me as anything other than “the seventies” before this episode, but now I’ve realised that it is all planned, of course, 1977 was the year that Star Wars was released. So amidst finding out where Miles came from, and that his dad is the mad scientist, we get Hurley writing The Empire Strikes Back “with some minor improvements”. I’d love to know what those improvements were. The dialogue between Hurley and Miles was very entertaining.

On top of the witty dialogue it was an episode of small cool moments, like seeing the hatch being stamped, like realising the guy was killed by his own filling, like realising who Miles’ father was and finally seeing Daniel Faraday again. I’m also finding it increasingly amusing that the Dharma guys travel The Island in their dinky blue camper vans, every time I see one now I chuckle.

Jack is a different person now, he looks tired and broken, accepting but I’m not sure of what. Meanwhile Kate is being a bit dim, Juliette is waiting for her good life to end and Sawyer is trying to contain the increasing mess.

Not much major arc movement in this episode, but instead one that reminds us of why we got hooked in the first place with some lovely character story.

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While watching this I noticed that Miles looks way too old to be 27 last season and 30 this season (The actor's pushing 40).

I also got to thinking that we're probably gonna' get a Richard Alpert-Centric flashback episode fairly soon (If not this year, then definitely next), and man, how cool is that gonna' be?