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April 23, 2009

How The Sarah Connor Chronicles Passes The Complete Newbie Test

Last night I watched episode 20 of season 2 of Terminator : The Sarah Chronicles.

Yes, I haven’t seen the finale yet, I’m watching it in the UK on Virgin1.

Yes, it is awesome.

I watched this particular episode with someone who not only had not seen a single episode of the show, but knew nothing at all about The Terminator films and mythos (or had completely forgotten). In Tweet style speak it sounds ridiculous:

  • He’s the saviour of mankind in the future.
  • She’s a robot.
  • He’s from the future.
  • They’re trying to kill him.

Which was exactly as I said it, trying to squeeze the words into the odd dead second. And yet, TV executives please take note, the newbie viewer was not alienated. Not because the episode was obvious and full of exposition, but because the characters were real. Because anyone watching that episode is immediately drawn in to the human struggles that the odd fractured Connor family is experiencing. The pain in Sarah Connor’s eyes tells more than a minute of techno-babble infodump. And by the end, the newbie viewer not only enjoyed watching the episode, but wants to watch more.

It’s great writing and great acting. Often understated. Lacking histrionics and hype. Everyone making new SF shows please take note.


It's such a shame that they're probably going to cancel it


- unless the Salvation movie raises it's profile by association?

If it survives (unlikely) I don't think it'll become rubbish. At the very least, I think it was good for a third season. They were moving in very interesting directions when the second season ended. I don't think it was going to "Pull a Galactica."

Of course I've been wrong before. I never suspected Galactica would "Pull a Galactica"...