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March 28, 2009

Primeval versus Robin Hood

Tonight on UK television Primeval makes it’s return on ITV1, whilst on BBC1 it’s the return of Robin Hood. Of course the two programmes overlap in timing.

I’ll be watching Primeval.

Although Robin Hood was mildly entertaining last series, it’s never captured my imagination. It doesn’t really do anything different from what Kevin Costner did, or any of the other hundreds of Robin Hoods. The plots repeated, Keith Allen became irritating and I fell asleep. Besides, where were the time anomalies, monsters and ex-members of S-Club 7?

Whereas Primeval has time anomalies, monsters, dinosaurs and Hannah who used to be in S-Club 7. As well as fulfilling those essential needs Primeval is also awesome fun. It’s never taken itself too seriously and managed to turn the monster of the week formula into a strength whilst hinting at a longer arc. If you’ve never seen it, I recommend it.

The website is promoting the Twitter hashtag #primeval as the place to talk about the show as you watch it. (Who needs IRC anymore?!) The official Twitter user for Primeval appears to be @itvprimeval. There’s plenty of clips on the official Primeval site, but they need some more nice photos to link to, the cast photo is a bit teeny…

…although there are some behind the scenes photos so perhaps they will add photos of each episode after it airs.

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One of the nice things about living in the 'States is that we've got BBC America to solve these problems for us: They run both Primeval and Robin Hood at different times.

Of course one of the bad things about living in the 'States is that we've got BBC America running "Bargain hunt" and "How Clean is Your House?" and pretty much every waking hour of Gordon Ramsay's life.