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March 29, 2009

Lost S05E10

“He’s our you.”

Well, kind of, except he uses new fangled drugs and then doesn’t believe the results. Oldham is the Dharma interrogator and he lives in a TeePee. How very hippy!

An interesting episode examining the question “Is Sayid a natural born killer?” From before he left The Island I would have said no, he did what he did in the Iraqi army to protect himself, there was little escape. Until he actually did escape. But then he left The Island and began the killing spree conducted by Ben. To me it felt as if the Sayid was still in shock at that point, lost, looking for a direction, willing to be guided by Ben. And when he’d killed every one of Whidmore’s organisation that he could find, and he was finally cut adrift, he turned to charity work. It’s as though the real Sayid was fighting the killer that he’d been trained as.

I love the timeline shenanigans going on. Sayid recognises young Ben, old Ben knows what Sayid does in his past/future (depending on your point of view).  Sayid’s hatred of Ben in the episode implies that he was willing to kill for Ben for another reason than I first thought. That actually he was driven by the task of saving his friends, and maybe a touch of revenge. The bounty hunter asks why anyone would work for a man like Ben, Sayid replies "I did."

I suggest that despite Sayid thinking that killing a young Ben will stop the future/past he knows of, it in fact causes it. That’s if you believe Faraday that nothing can be changed. So The Island must bring young Ben back to life, unless old Ben is not young Ben.

Sawyer continues to be an object of tragedy, with his comfy home life with Juliette suddenly disintegrating. Juliette seems to miss it more than Sawyer, or perhaps Sawyer is just focused on saving his friends, coping moment to moment? I loved the quote from Sawyer about not one burning bus turning up until Jack did. (Can’t find the exact quote.) And then Juliette said something like “It’s over isn’t it? This. Us.”

Yep I think so.


"Three years, no burning buses... y'all are back for ONE day..."

Just hilarious.

...or unless Sayid's single shot didn't kill young Ben? After all he made the classic rush-job mistake and didn't put another two in the body, one in the head to make sure...

Yeah, Ben's not dead. This show is all about predestination and fate, and you just can't introduce a paradox like that in to this show.

I mean *HOW* many times has Locke been shot and stabbed and hung and otherwise *Killed to death* on this show, and he's just fine. How many times did Patchy the Russian come back from the dead? Ben's not dead. Ben's clearly not dead.

Please, little Benny, don't be dead...