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March 6, 2009

Interview With V Creator Kenny Johnson On ‘V’ Remake

Aaron at Unlikely Words has some words from V creator Kenny Johnson on the upcoming remake of V, and what else he’s up to.

You are correct that I am not involved with the new ABC/Warners TV pilot based on my original premise of V. I understand that their “reimagined” take is quite different. The guys involved are gentlemen and I wish them well.

Oh, oh, “reimagined”.

The original V was, of course, awesome.

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Ah, that's just sad. The original "V" miniseries was easily the best SF thing on American TV in the early 80s. Alas, the 2nd V miniseries was fairly awful, and the TV series was power-bad. I can see why they'd want to reboot it. Kenneth Johnson had a great premise, but didn't seem to know where to go with it. Good luck to the new guys.