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March 4, 2009

Being Human - Episode 6 And Series Review

Have you heard the one about a Werewolf, a Vampire and a Ghost who share a house in Bristol? It could have been an embarrassing cheesey mess but turned out to be superb. If you haven’t seen it order a copy right now.

The final episode of the series had been set up beautifully, the characters explored, the plot set in motion, a final conflict surely coming. It didn’t fail to deliver. Exciting and touching and funny.

The comedy has been well balanced from the start, always witty, never cringey and providing moments of light against the increasingly dark storyline. Favourite line of the episode: (Annie to a vampire) Well, congratulations on mastering the whole speaking like a twat thing.

The vampires have been suitably scary, but not in a Salem’s Lot kind of way, in the relentless, inevitable sense. Herrick was a great lead vampire, cold and arrogant and scary in his belief that vampires were a superior form of evolution.

The only downside in the whole series was that the fully transformed werewolf looked a bit fake (because of course we all know what a real werewolf looks like!). And yet the transformation itself was excellent. But the wolf was only shown in glimpses and shadows and this lessened the distraction.

The characters continued to make difficult choices right to the end. An end which rounded off the series in a beautifully satisfying way, whilst cunningly leaving somewhere else to go in the future.

Great television.

Being Human has been commissioned for another series. Hurrah!

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aidan turner u are as fit as i love your episodes when you play in them.i have viseted the house you use to play the films in and i ahve told all my friends about you:)