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February 22, 2009

Lost S05E06

What I’m loving about this season of Lost is the relentless forward energy. There’s no talking down to the audience, no slow and heavy reminders of past plot points, just lots of stuff happening.

The Lamp Post is a cool idea, although how The Dharma Initiative knew that The Island existed in the first place is a mystery, but building an entire station just to find it is nice. The Island being constantly on the move sort of explains why it’s so hard to find, although wouldn’t everyone notice a moving island?!

I’m not entirely convinced about the need for everyone to get back to The Island, or the way they had to do it. I can’t help feeling that there is something else behind it all. After all, if it was so important for them not to leave, how did they manage it? Because Whidmore broke the rules? Don’t know.

Despite the dubious “got to recreate the situation” plot mechanic I really enjoyed seeing them all arrive back on the plane, albeit with slightly differing circumstances. One for the geeks, noticing the differences. I also liked the conversion of Jack, from man of science to man of faith. The last person you would have thought this to happen to. However, writing out Aaron in a convenient “don’t ask” throw away line was a bit rubbish.

And then they were back. Sometime. Where Jin is in The Dharma Initiative and I bet Locke turns up as an immortal Island guardian bloke. Or something.

Plenty to speculate endlessly about.

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I got the same feeling that there's something more going on with making them go back to the island. After all, why them? Why not Desmond? Sun's baby (she was technically on the island)? Or Walt? Why was Michael allowed to leave?

Unless I missed something it seems odd that only they have to go back.