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February 8, 2009

Lost S05E04


Another highly enjoyable episode, but also one which has me slightly more confused. 

I assumed that the Oceanic 6 had to get back on the island to prevent some crazy temporal paradox stuff. And that perhaps they would turn out to be the original others. However the ill effects of the time skipping islanders seems to be entirely due to the time skipping, and the time skipping seems to be entirely due to Ben turning the big wheel in a panic to escape and hide. So it doesn't quite make sense to me.

It was good fun seeing Kate's reaction to Ben however, and the revelation that he hasn't really changed that much, he still has his hands working the strings. I have a feeling that he personally has more at stake than he has let on.

I was saying that they always seemed to paddle out onto the sea when it's dead calm, when they skipped into a storm, made me chuckle, and then Sawyer sums it up with a quip riposte to himself. Sawyer is my main source of amusement, with his one liners underscoring their situations wonderfully.

Jin coming back, or rather escaping the exploding ship was a surprise, I thought he was dead. And then skipping back in time to when Rousseau and the French arrived was also a surprise. I hope he hangs around so that we find out what really happened with the French, however I have a feeling it will be revealed slowly in mosaic fashion.

Hmmm and hmmm.

Somehow Lost always seems optimistic to me, despite the characters being put in peril at every turn. Not sure why it feels that way to me, maybe it's the location (desert island sunshine!) or perhaps the way that the show never takes itself too seriously? Or maybe it's just that every episode is immense fun?

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