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February 8, 2009

Being Human - Episode 2

Another surprising episode of Being Human. I expect the story to take the easy obvious route out, and yet it never seems to do that.

This episode focussed on another werewolf arriving and influencing George, and once again contained a good mix of humour and emotion. George had to make some hard decisions, about who he is, and who he wants to be. I thought it was nicely handled, because I wasn't really sure which way George was going to go.

The werewolf transformation scenes are done quite well, including the gruesome voice over explaining how painful it was. However the resulting werewolf looks pretty stupid. Surely they could have produced a better final product?

Meanwhile we see Mitchell continuing his fight against his vampire instincts, despite being sent Vampire Porn, to try and tempt him. The neighbours coming round for tea was a bit over the top, but played for laughs I guess.

The use of music was much better this episode, with only one track that was too loud and gratuitous, and extra points for using a Muse track in a delicate way near the end.

Presumably there will be an episode focussing on Annie the ghost and then one on Mitchell? Although the vampires seem to be at the core of the main story arc, so perhaps they will be in every episode to a large extent.

Surprisingly enjoyable.

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I am really enjoying this show!