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January 16, 2009

Love & Hate

Things that Big Dumb Object loved and hates this week:

  • Hustle. Mickey is back and it's as entertaining as ever. I wish the crew who did this and Spooks would make a SF series.
  • Spook Country. William Gibson at his best. Absolutely loved it. And it's not Science Fiction.
  • Started reading The Chrysalids by John Wyndham and it's taken me completely by surprise in a very good way.
  • More trailers for Lost. Woo hoo. Not long now.

  • Demons. It has Richard Wilson as a zombie in a church, Philip Glenister wit the worst American accent I have ever heard, the doctor from Survivors and a model pretty young lad as a descendent of Van Helsing. Sounds like it should be hilarious but it's crap. Urban fantasy modern nonsense by numbers. 
  • Slightly worried that at episode twelve The Clone Wars has used up all its story lines and we're now on for an endless set of Dooku, Kenobi, Skywalker meetings, banter, escape. More of the rest of the war please.


I'd love it if Kudos did a Sci-Fi series too. I have lost interest in Spooks this series though, not Convinced by Lucal North

I love the Chrisalids, but Wyndham is just awesome anyway.

With the Clone Wars, I'm just enjoying the ride, it's always going to be a little like this because of the short episodes.

Is Starship Traveller the one where you have to find a cure for a sleeping sickness? If so... did anyone ever finish it? I seem to remember it being one of those that no matter what I did, I'd always fail.

City of Thieves was an awesome Fighting Fantasy book too!

Yes, Demons is shit. I do like the idea of fighting evil whilst trying to pass your driving licence as a plot device though.