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January 12, 2009

Doctor Who Rumours - Make Them Your Own

I love how everyone finds their own take on Doctor Who rumours, Stuff New Zealand has a post entitled Dr Who sidekick may be a Kiwi which is factually correct due to the inclusion of the word maybe, but it's hardly news is it? Then again, I'm blogging it.

Five Doctor Who rumours that are factually accurate:

  1. The new companion may be from the Black Country
  2. The TADRIS may regain it's chameleon powers.
  3. The new Doctor may spend his time watching BBC3 and going clubbing.
  4. The new Doctor Who series may have a story arc featuring a renegade blogger.
  5. All rumours about Doctor Who are made up by bloggers,.


Come on, admit it. You're the new companion, aren't you?

i heard that the 11th doctor has no series and because hes just a patsy for the real doctor who will be number 12 and that is john simm yes john simm. he is not the master this time he is the 12th who