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December 9, 2008

Dr. BDO's Problem Page : Can You Name This Book?

Dear Dr. BDO,

Some years ago late 70s early 80s my brotherinlaw lent me a book about people riding the highways to keep them open it was i seem to recall part of a trilogy and contained mutants and a character called catback well i never finished it nor returned it either could you help me to do both with a title or author?

Uncle Plumey

Hello there. Well that's tricky. I've looked and searched and shuffled around the interweb but couldn't find the answer. So let's try the best resource there is, people. Anyone out there know the answer? Big SF kudos to the first person who knows.


Well, only a guess, but one of the 'Mutant Chronicles' tie-in novelisations, perhaps? Or one of Games Workshop's 'Dark Future' books? Both were post-apocalyptic, mutant road-warrior flavoured, iirc.

or: Bob Ham's Overload series (especially book 3: Highway Warriors).
My 'knowledge' comes from googling, NOT knowing either the author or the books.


BTW: thanks for the Dr. BDO series