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November 25, 2008

Dr. BDO's Problem Page: Keeping Up

Dear Dr. BDO,

I want to keep up to date with the Science Fiction community. It was nice when there were just a few blogs to read, but then everybody started blogging. Feed readers and RSS made it a bit easier, but now I subscribe to  hundreds of blogs and podcasts and have thousands of posts to read every day. I can't keep up. It's stressing me out. I'll be out of the loop. I need to keep up with what's happening. Help me. What should I do?

Overwhelmed in Oxford.

Let go! There's probably a line by Yoda that fits this, but he always came across so condescending to Anakin that instead I'd refer you to Merlin Mann and 37Signals. The essence of which is that you need to let go of the need to keep up. Refocus. Get Real. Remember the point.

Even a genre with a TV based component moves at glacial pace compared to the internet, let alone the literary component. To be honest, if you didn't read any blogs for a month you really wouldn't miss anything. Find something you like reading and read it. Or don't read anything. It's up to you, you're under no obligation. You won't miss anything. It's supposed to be fun. Don't forget that.

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