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October 31, 2008

Love & Hate 31/10/08

Things that Big Dumb Object has loved and hated this week:

  • 20 minutes of high octane Clone Wars action.
  • Log fires.

  • David Tennant leaving Doctor Who.
  • Only 20 minutes of high octane Clone Wars action.
  • Moving from BST to GMT. Darkness encroaches.
  • Halloween. Bonfire Night is the real celebration around this time of year, FIRE! BURN!


Are you no longer loving Anathem or have you now finished it at last?

I'm glad to say that you were absolutely right... Anathem is a particularly awesome book and it is now a page turner of epic proportions (Raz has left the Concent and is on his way to Bly's Butte, for info). I have also discovered one of my favourite literary lines ever.

Raz: "Our opponenet is an alien spaceship packed with nuclear bombs. We have a protractor."

Anyone who has not read this yet really should... in order to get one of my colleague's ready for it, I have leant her Snow Crash and The Diamond Age.