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October 2, 2008

Heroes S03E01

First, to clear up the BBC's transmission policy. Wednesday nights on BBC2 at 9pm is the main  broadcast time. That episode is one behind the US episode. However after that, on BBC3 and in HD, is the next episode i.e. the same one as the US in that week. Clear as mud. Check here because it will probably all change.

So, new series, sorry season, sorry volume, of Heroes. 

Oh dear.

It was crap.

Really rubbish.

So many why-oh-whys:
  • The same, show a bad future try and avert it, plot.
  • The same time travelling get out clauses
  • Characters doing stupid things. Would you try and shoot an invincible man who can stop time?
  • Non-stop boring nonsense.
The only cool bit was of course Hiro, and the very entertaining "DON'T DO THIS!" video message. For a moment I thought I was watching Lost, then a bit later wished I was.

When I first watched Heroes, series one, I watched three episodes and gave up because I thought it was predictable and not very good. Then everyone started talking about it so I felt I had to watch it, and it did have some good moments. But now it feels like it's run its course. Are there really any new interesting stories to tell with these characters? Or has it just become a soap opera recycling the same old clichés?  I fear the later.

The BBC has lots of video clips online should you wish to peruse them.

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It looks like I'm taking Jonathan's advice, driven by that fact that I have stuff to do and not enough of an urge to watch Science Fiction telly:Heroes. Still watching it on BBC2, it's getting increasingly rubbish and random. I... Read More


What is it with you bad bad genre telly at the moment? you don't have to watch this stuff you know... it's not as though there has been some hideous coup and the editorial board of io9 now runs the world.

Step away from the TV remote! ;-)

"Would you try and shoot an invincible man who can stop time?"

I have a feeling that it was not a normal gun, based on its effect on Nathan (someone says it's as though the bullets were healing behind themselves, never mind the psychological consequences) and the fact that Future!Peter went back to look for it.

I think this season has real potential, the 'resolution' of the cliff hanger from season 2 was both surprising and grinding in the way it resolved it.

New characters will change the dynamic, and Hero's save the world, that's what they do, but it would have been nice if it was a little more subtle.

I'm expecting it to pick up over the next 4 or 5 episodes.

I enjoyed the first episode... but I really do not like the idea of Suresh getting his own power... I can understand the plot device... but even so, it sucks. It was always good to have him as the non-powered scientist.