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October 22, 2008

Great Neal Stephenson Interview

There's a cool interview with Neal Stephenson at Barnes&Noble which I've only just read. I was putting off reading anything about Anathem until I'd finished it, but now I'm half way through I figured it would be okay.

It's taking me a long time to read Anathem, not just because it's big, but also because there a large passages that I keep wanting to read again. I was going to keep a note of them somehow, but then forgot.

I was reminded of this interview by JP at SFSignal who has a great post on time and where does it go and what we choose to do. All very relevant to themes within Anathem. And probably summing up what most of us feel. What he says!

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Oh My Cartas! August 2010 and I appear to be the first comment on this short di-uni passageway to the awesome interview of Neal Stephenson by James Mustich who was so staggeringly well prepared for the interview that, unless I become too depressed by this, I will have to now read more from. I am already wondering how the publish date of Anathem could be that old as well - the book looked brand new to me in the store - although I may plead that I have been lost in a baroque world for some time that I may have to now reengage. What has happened to time ? Thanks for the passage, James, and Fare Forward.