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October 8, 2008

Captain Picard In Doctor Who!

Like the headline? The Sun's is Star Trek Hero To Play Time Lord which is not as good and probably untrue. Anyway, the story is that Patrick Stewart and David Tennant are now "firm" friends, which is what happens when you're in Hamlet together for an extended period of time (either that or you actually want to kill each other). Consequently Patrick is going to appear in Doctor Who "the plan is for him to play a renegade Time Lord called the Meddling Monk".

Via Darren, who is auditioning as BDO's SunĀ correspondent.

And yes, I completely failed to get tickets for Hamlet, due to clogged interwebs and phone lines.

They also have this amusing picture. Ermmm.

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I feel strongly compelled to point out that I followed the link to The Sun from another blog via a random lunchtime Twitter sweep... I wasn't actually specifically visiting The Sun's website...

Jeez, some of us have professional reputations to protect, y'know..? ;)