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September 12, 2008

Love & Hate 12/09/08

Things that Big Dumb Object has loved and hated this week:

  • SF TV starting again.
  • Doing a SF Signal Mind Meld that included Charles Stross.
  • Talking to a class of school kids about CERN.
  • The Movable Type upgrade almost working perfectly.
  • A monster new work laptop, with blue LEDs.
  • Physics on TV.

  • Rain.
  • Torchwood on radio.
  • Still no copy of Anathem.
  • Apocalyptic media hype about the LHC.
  • The Movable Type upgrade not quite working perfectly.
  • Feeling the urge for a redesign.
  • Not writing enough.


I think the release of Anathem has been pushed back until October in the UK, which is probably why it's not arrived yet.


Um, that would be off the press release I had off Atlantic Books. It says 1st October.