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September 5, 2008

Love & Hate 05/09/08

Things that Big Dumb Object has loved and hated this week:

  • Neal Stephenson's new book Anathem being released.
  • The Dr. Horrible soundtrack being released on iTunes, and in the UK.
  • Google Chrome.
  • Local eggs.
  • Rampant speculation about the LHC causing the end of the world.
  • Reading less blogs.

  • The BDO Amazon order of Anathem being delayed (where was my review copy?!)
  • Still no version of Dr. Horrible (video) on iTunes UK.
  • Rain.
  • Having to test BDO on another web browser, just in case.
  • Still not being able to find a decent, free, OSX, blogging client.
  • Feeling like I was missing something because I was reading less blogs.

1 Comment

Sure its not free but Mars Edit still rules the mac blog client world for me. Worth the 30 dollars (though i bought it back when it was released by the same guys as NetNewsWire, which i use to read BDO :) )