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September 1, 2008

Alastair Reynolds - Get Over The Sci-Fi Thing

Alastair Reynolds sums up my attitude to the term "Sci-Fi" exactly:

So here's a suggestion. We get over the sci-fi thing. We can still keep talking about SF and science fiction, but we should give up the knee-jerk sense of insult whenever the sci-fi label is applied to what we do. To the outside world, we're like music bores getting upset with the term "hi-fi". It should be "high-fidelity", doncha know. If we still need a term to isolate the tacky end of the genre, I've got one right here. We can call it "crap sci-fi", like the rest of the world does.

Yes, yes and yes!

1 Comment

You really think so? Who has the audacity to make this up? It's just a mixup of words. Who cares? We know what we like - SF, Scifi or Science Fiction. Or horror, or 'weird', or (dare I say) fantasy. People should get over it yes, but not by deleting a phrase. Drop the hyphen and do scifi. (It's not that difficult).