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August 6, 2008

Worldcon from the other side of the world = dull

First there were the endless posts about Comic-Con and all the cool stuff that hasn't happened yet. It was terribly tedious. And now it's Worldcon.

Experiencing Worldcon from the other side of the world, via the medium of blogs, is deadly dull. It goes like this:

  • Worldcon -7 days: all the authors post that they will definitely be going (or not).
  • W -6 days: the authors that said they weren't going change their minds.
  • W -5 days: all the authors post their tentative schedules.
  • W -4 days: the schedules changes.
  • W -3 days: lots of posts about packing.
  • W -2 days: posts about how boring long distance flights are.
  • W -1 day: "I'm at the airport using the free wifi".
  • W 0 day: "I'm at Worldcon!"
  • Worldcon itself: complete silence from everyone there, not even a Tweet. Somehow the Hugo results get out but no one is really sure how.
  • W +1 day: Everyone not at Worldcon discuss how it's rubbish that Robert J. Sawyer won again, and why didn't Brasyl win?
  • W +3 days: People who were at Worldcon post "Had a great time, too much happened to post all about it."
  • W +4 days: A million pictures turn up on Flickr, mainly of random people smiling, no one has any idea who they are because the photos have titles like 000125631.jpg
  • W +5 days: The stragglers finally post about Worldcon, they expect us to feel sorry that they are tired.
  • W +6 days: Everyone posts on how they are reflecting on their Worldcon experience.
  • W +7 days: MARK ALL AS READ

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this is just too funny! bang on ;-)