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August 22, 2008

Dr. Bloodmoney - Philip K. Dick

I haven't read everything PKD has written (I'm working on it), but everything I have read I've thoroughly enjoyed. Somehow he has the knack of making his stories feel futuristic even though that future has so obviously been passed by and never happened. It's near future Science Fiction that never dates.

And it's normally always quite weird, in a crazy loopy hallucinogenic kind of way.

Dr. Bloodmoney (UK / US) does not disappoint on all counts. It starts before the apocalypse, and continues after it, with one stray chapter that leapt forward with no warning and completely confused me. But that's why I read PKD. The apocalypse is nuclear, the rebuilding after is successful in the countryside, but life in the city is hard. The man responsible for the apocalypse, or rather assumed to be responsible, is hidden away. Some people are exhibiting mutations...

It's a wonderful journey. At the end I was left guessing as to what really happened in parts, doubt and confusion evident as always. Also interesting to me is how it's the self contained sustainable communities that are happy and succeeding, something that feels pressingly relevant to today.

If you like PKD then read it, if you don't you won't like it, if you have never read PKD it's a good place to start.


I've been doing the same as you on the reading list... reading through winners/nominees of Arthur C Clarke... but I've since discovered the list you've posted a book cover from - The SF Masterworks list! I HIGHLY recommend just about everything on that list I've read so far... and I only have about an 8th of the 71 books on there so far!

On the note of Philip K Dick, I went into Waterstones the other day and they had all PKD books 3 for 2. I had eleven of the SF Masterworks books in my hands before coming to my sense.

Thanx for the concise review of one of the most complex novels that my husband ever wrote. When he tried to summarize the plot for his editor (I think it was Judy Lynne Del Rey), she gave up trying to follow it and told him to just send her the manuscript.

You did a good job!

~~ Tessa Dick

Wow... comments from the lady herself! Ace!

And I am now up to about 28 books from the series... just read The Forever War, which was quite good. So far they've all been awesome and I'm looking forward to getting into the PKD ones... I have Ubik and Do Androids... at home already and will be making them the next on the list!