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July 21, 2008

Jonathan McCalmont vs. John Scalzi FIGHT!

Jonathan has some interesting comments about the new Tor site, which they seem to have been trailing forever and have just put live (and still with a Beta tagline). John Scalzi responds to Jonathan's points in the comments and therein ensues an entertaining full-scale argument. He he.

What do I think about the Tor website? Well it's another feed to subscribe to and then click "mark all as read", and it has some short stories that I shall  promptly download and then never read. I'm not sure if that is a comment about me, or about the amount of other SF material online? Probably both.


Same here. Signed up for an account, had a vague shufty, shuffled off.

You'll note that it's been a while since I was involved in a slapfight. I've been very subdued for ages.

I'll admit that I agree with certain aspects of both sides of the argument. When I first saw the Tor site I was basically unimpressed. I clicked around a little and just left. There wasn't anything there for me that was new and I have enough trouble keeping social networking from eating up my time as it is.
Mostly, I'm just disappointed. I expected a lot more of Tor. I mean, yeah, Scalzi has a lot of good points, but really, what is the site offering that hasn't already been offered before?