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July 5, 2008

Doctor Who - Journey's End

So the answer was something between #2 and #7.

The best bit was Davros, suitably crazy, even when facing defeat. Oh, and quoting the Tibetan Book Of The dead. Other good bits: piloting the TARDIS, the return of Mickey with a big gun and German Daleks!

The worst bit? The oh so predictable nonsense. So much stuff made so little sense. Big switch, feedback loops, Z neurtrinos, multiple half human Timelords, harvesting humans for a "test", dragging the Earth back. etc. etc. Sigh.

Also bad: Torchwood survived. Boo! Martha Jones is rubbish, and has a bad German accent. Captain Jack has become a cliche. Sarah Jane had a magic bomb. Sigh, again.

Oh, well, there were lots of explosions. And German Daleks. EXTERMINATIEREN EXTERMINIEREN!


hmm, i wonder if you can answer my 16 questions about this episode?



LOVED the German Daleks. Over all, I liked the episode. Wrapped everything up nicely so that Moffat can step in.

Was left with a feeling of 'Oh, was that it?' to be honest. You have to feel for Donna - her return to vapid chav-dom after her stint as Supreme Sci-Fi Fan-Girl of the Universe (TM) was enough to bring a tear to the eye, surely?

But the rest of it just seemed like an exercise in RTD clearing up his loose ends - Rose *properly* boxed away and with her stud-muffin plot coupon reward? Check. Martha and Mickey trotting off to join Torchwood to replace the two dead ones? Check. Daleks all nuked *for real and for ever this time* honest? Check.

Roll on S. Moffatt. Let's hope his episodes so far are suggestive of a proper dose of Doctor Who horror / sf in series to come!

With due respect, it's not the Book of the Dead, but a paraphrase of the Bhagvagad Gita Ch 11

The Lord said: "Time [death] I am, the destroyer of the worlds, who has come to annihilate everyone..."



Greets from Germany :-)