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July 5, 2008

Doctor Who Series 4 Finale Guessathon #3

The Doctor Really Regenerates a.k.a. The Best Kept Secret In Television

The Doctor really did get shot, and really did die, and regenerates into.... Robert Carlyle. Now things are different, for a start, this man has dealt with zombies and Glasweigans. There's a bloody, epic battle against the Daleks, which turns into a daring raid on Davros's master command vessel. The Supreme Dalek gets annihilated on the way. The Doctor confronts Davros, it looks like the end for The Doctor. Then Dalek Caan does an emergency temporal shift, because he's mental, and it screws everything up, resetting all the timelines. We're led to believe that David Tennant will be back, but the big end of episode surprise is that it's still Robert Carlyle.

Likelihood: Low
Opinion: Cool.

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