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July 9, 2008

Current Reading List

There are some problems that are nice to have, deciding on what to read next is one of them. Today The Night Sessions by Ken MacLeod arrived in the mail, and jumped to the top of the list.

I currently juggle the list in Backpack (although I change apps quite frequently) including keeping track of the publish date for review copies. Sometimes I miss the dates, but I do try. One day I'll get a list up here on the blog, integrated and everything, but in the meantime here's a snapshot of my To-Read list in whizzy Amazon widget style.


For some reason Amazon UK has no cover image yet for The Night Sessions and so cannot be included in the whizziness.


Darren has pointed me to the cover on the Orbit site. It's pretty:

I'm currently Reading The Mirrored Heavens by David J. Williams


...and I have three outstanding book reviews to write up!


Don't mind me. I'll just be over here BEING JEALOUS. :)

Is one of the outstanding reviews The Gone-Away World?

(Hmm, Firefox doesn't want the "reply" link to work, so this is going to appear in the wrong place.)

I'll be interested to see what you make of the Harkaway -- I'm about half-way through, and am less sure of whether I like it or not than I have been of anything else I've read this year.

Night Sessions cover available here: http://www.orbitbooks.net/publishing-schedules/orbit-uk-schedule/#9781841496511

...if you'd like a handily-sized jpeg version?