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June 3, 2008

Survivors Remake News

The original starred Ian McCulloch, Lucy Fleming and Carolyn Seymour  in SurvivorsSolar Flare has more news of the Survivors Remake From BBC

Survivors is currently filming in Manchester with an intended broadcast in the UK of Autumn 2008 on BBC One.

Sounds like it could be cool. An Apocalyptic TV show is just what I need to compliment my current Apocalyptic reading.


Absolutely loved the original as a young teenager!

The original was cheesey in a 1970s BBC sort of way and I don't think it's had many if any repeats. But I think the concept was pretty strong.

No doubt the new show will be very PC as the BBC are so scared to offened anyone by their abscence.
Expect a sprinkling of ethnic minorities who turn out to be the heroes.