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June 23, 2008

Doctor Who - Turn Left

Cunning. I was wondering where the "double banker" episode was this series, and it turns out that Midnight and Turn Left are the combined "double banker", with The Doctor and Donna absent in each one, in turn.

The episode was one of those enjoyable whilst it lasted affairs, but at the end left me thinking, "oh".

It's quite clever, in a fanboyish way, but it tried a bit too hard. There were strong echoes of Martha walking the Earth under the control of The Master. It's like RTD really wants to do a serious apocalyptic episode (or two) but is conscious that he has to hit the reset button at the end. Which is a shame. The work-camp mention seemed particularly strained, a weak shorthand to illustrate the state of the country, a bit "don't kill the dog" in writing terms.

It was nice to see Rose back too, although she seems to be speaking all weird. Maybe it's a parallel universe thing.

Donna was good. As was Bernard Cribbins in a jolly, Wombley sort of way.

Temporary fun. Left wanting more.

BUT. And yes it's a capital BUT.

Are they really going to squeeze Davros into one two episodes? Seems like a waste. Please continue into the 2009 specials.

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The Rose speech impediment really put me off, if took the focus away from the story.

But yeah, rushed again, I don't know why RTD didn't do a 3 or 4 parter as his sign off.