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June 30, 2008

Doctor Who - The Stolen Earth

Doctor Who and the WHAT?! REALLY?!

I though I had this series all figured out, there was only one big villain yet to make an appearance in Nu Who. It was so obvious. The pre-series hype was about The Sontarens, sort of leaked, made a big deal of, and clearly a smokescreen for Davros (and this was purely from the inevitable logic of who was next). Then Rose appeared, which was a big secret, so The Sontarens were actually a diversion from Rose, who was a diversion from Davros. Then it was leaked that all the companions would be returning, so Rose was a smokescreen for all of them or something, I'm getting lost now.

And then....

Big Spoiler. Don't read it if you haven't seen it.


The episode was a fairly typical RTD stunt episode. The Doctor and Donna are sidetracked, the Daleks steal the Earth, Davros comes back with his rather cool red Supreme Dalek, the whole gang get together to fight (that's Sarah Jane and Luke, Captain Jack and the remnants of Torchwood, Martha Jones and UNIT, and a stuck in the cold Rose).

The good bits:

  • Daleks rampaging on Earth
  • Bernard Cribbins trying (and failing with) the old paint on the Dalek eye trick. Ho ho.
  • The Red Dalek.
  • Davros, with new scary voice.

The cheesey bits:

  • Harriet Harman the ex-Prime Minister
  • Insane Dalek Caan and how the whole thing started.
  • The Scooby gang via sub-ethernet web cams.
  • The Shadow Proclamation. What? Who? And more importantly, why?
  • The Doctor running to Rose in slow motion love scene style.

The WTF?! bits:

  • The Doctor regenerating. Woah. Is that for real? If so it's the best kept secret in TV, ever (since the last one).

I can't help feeling that the next episode will not live up to expectations, however low they are. Please prove me wrong RTD.


Was it just me, or was Dalek Caan doing an impression of David Bowie's weird spoken vocals a couple of tracks on the 1.Outside album.

And what's the betting that we're in for a classic "...and then they woke up and it was all a dream..." let-down? After all, Donna still has something on her back, apparently, which means there's another reverse-decision-switch waiting to be thrown somewhere in her past, no?

I've blogged about this, too. Overall I rather liked it. The Emperor Dalek was no big deal as far as I was concerned. I rather liked some of the humour, particularly Harriet Jones (not Harman), former Prime Minister, and "the Daleks do not accept apologies".

There was some typical fluff and bluster regarding working out where the planets had gone to that needed a second watch before I could kind of sort of work out what was going on. The references to bees thoroughly puzzled my son, though.

I'm sure the Shadow Proclamation's been mentioned before, but the relevance of the Judoon, the women with the red eyes and, more importantly perhaps, the Turn Left episode to all of this was lost on me. Perhaps I'm too old.

The Doctor running to Rose in slow motion love scene style was both cheesey and tear-jerking. AND THEN DW GOT ZAPPED! Fab.

I agree with you about Dalek Caan. Inconsistency regarding the Daleks' emotions (or supposed lack of) also bugs me, as much as it did with Mr Spock in Star Trek.

Regeneration? Only partial, methinks, not a full-blown, new-Doctor-introducing job. (Why do they keep making a big deal of showing us the Doctor's hand in the TARDIS? AND they also made a point of showing us Davros's hand. Hmmm...)

Hey... they also made a big deal about the secret of the Doctor's name in the Library episodes... you don't think the Doctor could actually be called... Davros?

Or maybe the original race of Daleks were grown from the Doctor's Hand?

I'm not sure what's going to turn out to be more fun, second-guessing the plot twists or actually seeing what they turn out to be, on Saturday... :)

I blogged over a year ago about the possibility of the Daleks and Time Lords being related in some way...


I'm probably wrong.

Hmmm. My missus mooted the theory that Davros is a renegade Timelord, Master-stylee. I suppose we'll find out in a couple of days... :)