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June 16, 2008

Doctor Who - Midnight

(Above: shouty woman and David Brent look-a-like)


If you'd ask me to guess who wrote this episode, Midnight,  I would never have guessed that it was Russell T Davies. But RTD, shiny new medal (almost) in hand, clearly has eyes on life after Nu Who and so has written an episode that could have been an afternoon play on Radio 4 (not that I'd know).

And to confirm my radio play chain of thought this weeks behind the scenes Doctor Who Confidential episode concentrated on the sound engineers.

It was an interesting episode, but highly annoying. Lots of people angrily shouting at each other in a Crucible style witch-hunt is not really my idea of fun.

Yeah the Doctor was scared, yeah the monster was unseen, yeah a million school kids are going to be irritating each other immensely today by copying each other repeatedly, but... it's just one of those episodes I won't want to watch again.

I was at least expecting some lead in to next week, Instead the might of Davros is going to be squeezed into just two episodes.

And of course, there was just not enough running along corridors.

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I agree entirely, and have blogged thus:


The only difference with me is that if you had asked me to guess who had written it I would've been correct.