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June 16, 2008

Crazy Jericho Fans Pay For TV Ad

I don't quite see the point, but a group of Jericho fans are running a Save Jericho Again campaign.

The group paid for the advertising time through a fund-raising campaign which generated more than $6,000 in three weeks.

Personally I loved the first series and thought the second series was interesting but flawed. But if it's finished, it's finished. Surely?


NO, Jericho is not finished yet. There are talks underway with the producers to bring Jericho back for a third season.

Jericho is too good to allow it to die without a fight. This country wasn't built by quitters.

Jericho is a family show without the gore, cussing, racism, bug eating, etc. that other shows depend on. It doesn't need to shock people because it has an execellent story line.

Just wanted to comment. We are not crazy and I feel you are off base with that comment. I feel for one I was not counted and I want quality prgramming on TV. I am what the networks say they want as a viewer. I am 31 years old. Jericho was the first program I have ever watched from the original three networks. I also feel that CBS did nothing to promote the 2nd season. I have friends who are faithful CBS network watchers say they only saw two commercial promoting the 2nd season. I know the 2nd season was a little hurried but what did anyone expect it was ONLY 7 episodes, I think they did an awesome job considering CBS's lack of commitment to us the loyal viewers. CBS you are not the only game in town and I for one will not be back after the way this original program was treated and us the loyal viewers. This is the 21st century you need to keep up or get left behind. I definitely will go where I am appreciated.

Sure I'm crazy. Crazy enough to think that I count; crazy enough to not just keep on "taking it"; crazy enough to want what I paid for - which is quality TV; crazy enough to want to make a difference; crazy enough to also donate to funds for Greensberg; crazy enough to donate to send Season 1 DVDs to the troops; crazy enough to do it again for Season 2; crazy enough to send care packages to the troops in Iraq; crazy enough to donate to a friend in Kansas who has friends affected by the recent tornado.

So, I'm crazy. What about it?

Yes, I'm another "crazy" Jericho fan who has done everything I can to support Jericho. I've written letters and emails, made phone calls, sent money, sent nuts and commented on almost every blog/article mentioning Jericho that I've come across. We are fighting a good fight and we won't give up. Thanks for the Jericho mention.

CBS really dropped the ball on this great show. I just hope that another network will pick it up and run with it.

Season 3 or bust !!

Save Jericho !!