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June 9, 2008

Allan Steele's New Coyote Website

Allan Steele emailed to say that he has a new website for his Coyote series of novels, www.coyoteseries.com. The site includes video, a podcast, a short story, background material to the novels, a forum, artwork and more.

I've never read anything by Allan Steele (I seem to say that endlessly and the list gets longer instead of shorter...), which is clearly wrong because he is a Hugo winner (1996 for Best Novella) and I'm trying to read every Hugo winner...ever. Eventually. Anyway, I can't comment on how intriguing the material is for a fan, but there are some summaries for new readers to try and tempt you.

I also want to comment on the covers of the books (seen at the bottom of the front page). Here are two examples:


Immediately I guessed that the top row (left above) were the US covers and the bottom row (right above) were the UK versions. And I was right, the versions I'm not keen on are the Ace editions, the versions I think are quite groovy are the Orbit editions. Which proves that at least one side of the marketing machine is doing a good job.

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Shame the web site doesn't use the Orbit styling. I was expecting something rather more impressive than that, I have to admit.