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May 2, 2008

The Guardian's Book Blog On The Clarke Award

Sam Jordison writes up his night at the Clarke Award for the Guardian Book blog. Sam's been reading some classic SF recently, and blogging about it, and he's, I would say, a convert.

Interesting comment thread, with one person stating that awards are bad because they are competition in art etc. blah, etc. The most important point is that the Clarke award has found me more interesting SF books to read than any other source. The shortlist is as important as the winner, and discussions about the shortlist (and who didn't make it) are even more important.

Other comments were about the Star Wars costumes, which I did feel were a little out of place for the Clarke, but maybe not for the film festival. And yet the costumes were amusing. Watching Darth Vader wait for the lift is bizarrely entertaining.

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I'm with you on the awards thing there... the Clarke shortlist gives me my reading inspiration for the coming year and long may it do so! My own views tend to differ regarding who should win sometimes... not sure Black Man was really good enough this year, for instance. That said, I'm chuffed for Richard Morgan.