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May 12, 2008

Doctor Who - The Doctor's Daughter

The Doctor's Daughter takes what could have been a cringey idea and actually does a pretty good job, making it one of the most enjoyable episodes of the series.

"Hello, Dad!"

Spoilers Ahead

Okay, bad stuff first: 

  • Instant clones, I'll let off.
  • Terraforming glowing gas, could have done better.
  • "I'm Doctor Martha Jones, who the hell are you?" Groan.
  • "Make the foundation of this society, a man who never would." Groan again.

Otherwise it was an entertaining story. The Doctor's daughter, Jenny, being a clone was a nice way into the moral issues. Jenny is a soldier, and she sees The Doctor as a soldier, but The Doctor doesn't see himself as a soldier despite fighting in an epic war. Jenny was an entertaining character, actually coaxing emotion out of the Doctor, for the first time in what feels like ages. More Time-war stuff please! I also enjoyed how the relationship between Jenny and The Doctor changed slowly, from disdain to acceptance in a quite believable way.

Meanwhile, as Jenny was winning me over, Martha was enhancing my opinion that's she's a waste of space. I don't like the character, or the acting, it all feels so false. Compare her to Donna/Tate, who is a much more fun character, and much more real in emotional situations.

The battle between the humans and the Hath was mere backdrop, although I liked the twist about the war lasting only a week, and the expendability of the clones. That's a pretty cool proper SF idea.

I thought Jenny would probably die at the end, I didn't think they'd bother to bring her back again. I suppose they can't resist setting up another spin-off series (unless she comes back later in the series, which I doubt). Pseudo-regeneration? And wasn't that Blakes 7 music at the end, when Jenny was leaving the planet?!

Nice job, Stephen Greenhorn.

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Thinking about groan moments, why was Jenny wearing mascara? A bigger problem though is that if each generation is taking place in a day or less where did the old man come from? Do they clone old soldiers?