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May 5, 2008

Doctor Who - The Poison Sky

The second part of the Sontaran story.

Spoilers ahead...

A by-the-numbers second parter. The cliff-hanger is averted with an obvious axe. And the whole gas thing is suddenly rendered less urgent by the fact that it needs 60% density. Hmmm. The whole episode is in fact complete nonsense. The Sontarens try and gas everyone, it fails, they then just try and attack like normal. Why didn't they just do that in the first place, then turn the gas on? The whole elaborate GPS gas thing is pointless.

Of course UNIT have new guns that work, of course The Valiant arrives. But who cares? Not me, maybe only those younger than ten years old, but they probably just enjoyed the lasers and carnage.

Dull episode. Predictable. Lifeless. Boring.

The best bit was the trailer for next week. The Doctor's daughter! Peter Davidson's daughter?! WHAT is going ON!? 


What, indeed, is going on? I think it would be a great idea if they got some serious writers to "guest". I'd love to see what Messrs. Raynolds, Banks, or Stross might come up with. Come on Beeb, enough with the 'celebrities'. I'm all for a bit of toungue-in-cheek (loved the 'are you my mummy' line last week!). But I can't help feeling it's all getting a bit silly!.