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April 7, 2008

The UK SF Book News Network Redesign

The UK SF Book News Network has had a redesign, which of course doesn't affect me because I read the feed, but I had a peek to be polite. It looks nice.

Darren (née Ariel) is now of course working for Orbit, who seem to be the most progressive of all the UK SFF imprints. Small request to Orbit, can the Orbit Tweeter feed do something else other than summarise the blog? Extra content required please.

There seems to be a bout of redesigns recently, seemingly inspired by everyone upgrading to Wordpress 2.5 (with varying amounts of success). Paul has also redesigned Velcro City Tourist Board recently too. I'm getting itchy css fingers...must resist, must resist.


Cheers James! Glad you like the new format.

I'll take your Tweet feed suggestion to my first Orbit meeting on Wednesday, see what the team has to say...