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April 23, 2008

The List Universe's Top 10 Obscure But Superb Science Fiction Novels

The List Universe has a list of 10 Obscure But Superb Science Fiction Novels, which are:

  • Bloodworld - Laurence M. Janifer
  • Skinner - Richard S. McEnroe
  • The Greks Bring Gifts - Murray Leinster
  • House Of Stairs - William Sleator (new)
  • Iceworld - Hal Clement
  • Ballroom Of The Skies - John D. McDonald
  • Midworld - Alan Dean Foster
  • Agent Of Chaos - Norman Spinrad
  • Of Men And Monsters - William Tenn
  • Wasp - Eric Frank Russell

None of which I have heard of let alone read, and all of which are available on Amazon UK is some form (new or used). Time for a gratuitous whizzy carousel (for those that have artwork on Amazon).


Mmmmm... 'Bloodworld' has a lovely cover - nothing like a bit of sexual violence to bring in the fans...

I hate having to mention this,(becuase shouldn't it be obvious for most adults?) but for 'F's Sake' (NOT the Japanese liqueur)but isn't there any nice SF audiences out there who aren't just after the same male oriented bullshit sf? Massive great SIGH... if you want sf/erotica, go visit Ellora's Cave... that entire list was male authors with pretty bloody obvious works/titles. Obscure? Only for those who don't do any research.