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April 10, 2008

Jericho Looking For Another Home

Sci Fi Wire reports that The New York Times reported that CBS Paramount Network Television has held talks with Comcast, the cable provider, about finding new life for Jericho.

That's a bit of a third-hand rumour!

I'm not sure the continuing story of Jericho is much interest to me, it will, presumably, be all about reuniting the United States? It could work, if the focus remained on the post nuclear apocalypse aspects, but I have a feeling that the temptation to do more high-octane thriller plots like season two would be irresistable.


If you want more Jericho please write to: Ms. Nancy Tellem, President, CBS Paramount Network Television Entertainment Group, 4024 Radford Avenue, Studio City, CA 91604-2190.

Ask her to continue to produce Jericho and sell it to another network. These letters need to go out now, if we wish to save Jericho.

For more information go to: http://www.jericho-kansas.com/Community/SaveJerichoCampaign/tabid/195/Default.aspx

I really only ever saw the first couple of episodes. They were all right, not great, not terrible.
What they should REALLY be trying to find a home for is Firefly.