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April 3, 2008

Dan Simmons's Hyperion Series Being Adapted by Warner Bros

Dan Simmons's Hyperion series might be the next SF novels to get a full-on film adaptation, it's just been given the go-ahead by Warner Bros. FirstShowing.net has the details:

The Hyperion Cantos includes four individual books in total: Hyperion, The Fall of Hyperion, Endymion, The Rise of Endymion (published from 1989 to 1997). The first book, Hyperion, won the Hugo Award for best novel in 1990 and the second, The Fall of Hyperion, was nominated for a Nebula Award for best novel.

I haven't read any Dan Simmons, but Hyperion is of course on my to-read list, being a Hugo winner.

Thanks to Sam for the link.


I started reading Hyperion and found it really heavy going. I much preferred his more recent Ilium and Olympos, they were marvellous - packed full of ideas, great stuff.

No way, matey... Hyperion is FAR better... and I read Ilium first and loved that! You can't consider it as four books, it's one whole story that has been chopped up into four segments. The last two parts of the story really wrap it up incredibly nicely and to date is the only sci-fi book I have read that brought tears to my eyes.

My only fear is that the movie will be made a bit sloppily... here's hoping James Cameron wants to direct.

Thanks for the info - I had not heard this before. I have read all four of the Hyperion Cantos books and *loved* them! However, the third and fourth books are set in a time hundreds of years after the first two, and are only marginally related. This is really two sets of stories. Going with that idea, hopefully the movie will only focus on the first two books.

Hyperion is a great read in the style of The Canterbury Tales - where each of the several space travelers tell their own tales related to the planet of Hyperion and the mysterios Shrike that lives there. I consider it to be one of the best scifi novels ever. Hopefully the film will to it some justice.

And relating to the first comment: While Ilium is good, it is also totally different from the Hyperion Cantos. Personally, I thought Hyperion was much better.

Just my two cents! :-)

The first and fourth books in the saga are the best, I think. "Fall of Hyperion" is a sort of half-hearted attempt to tie up all the loose ends in "Hyperion," and "Endymion" just seems like a lengthy setup for "Rise of Endymion."

That being said, they're still my favorite Simmons novels, and definitely worth reading.