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March 21, 2008

Eastercon 2008

Eastercon 2008 starts today (has started in fact), in sunny Heathrow (imagine images of planes coming in to land here). If you aren't there then there are some ways you can try and keep track of what's going on, although none of it is guaranteed to work because people might actually be doing stuff, instead of blogging or whatever.

I reckon the best tag to search on is "Eastercon" but you could try "Orbital" as well. Here's some ideas of places to try:

I'm just going along for the day on Sunday, so I'll have some semblance of a report up here on Monday maybe. Or you could just follow my Twitter stream which may be updated (note the lack of concrete promises here!).

Oh, and happy chocolate egg weekend!

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As it happens, I just came back to my room to polish off the Friday Free Fiction post for Futurismic, but your point is well made. See you Sunday! :)