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March 7, 2008

Star Wars answers, they have changed

The Star Wars Homing Beacon newsletter has some interesting (and funny) answers to questions about Star Wars, and how those answers have changed between 1982 and now.


Q: What made Vader's TIE fighter different from other fighters?

A (1982): It had (curved) or angular wings

A (2008): Vader's x1 prototype had a more robust spaceframe, particulary at the pylon points where the solar gather panels connect. The panels themselves are longer, and angled. Unlike the standard TIE of the line, the TIE x1 featured deflector shields and a limited class 4 hyperdrive. Its increased range gave the x1 five consumable days of non-combat flight time, as opposed to a TIE fighter's two-day yield. A standard TIE featured a pair of Sienar Fleet Systems L-s1 laser cannons, while the x1 had L-s9.3 cannons. Powering the standard TIE was an SFS I-a2b solar ionization reactor and SFS P-s4 twin ion engines, while the x1 featured the SFS 1-S3a and SFS P-s5.6 counterparts, respectively.

See Finding the Quizbook Master for an interview with Rusty Miller, the "11-year-old fan prodigy who compiled a list of 425 Star Wars trivia questions for The Jedi Master's Quizbook back in 1982"