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March 17, 2008

Lost, Season 4, Episode 7

They're just playing with us now.

Yes, we are all playing the "guess the Oceanic 6" game. That's no need to be so nasty about it. Although I did laugh. The entire Jin flashback was nothing more than a little misdirection, and to set up the reveal that he died getting off The Island (or is perhaps still on The Island, or dead on The Island).

Another build-it-up don't-reveal-it plot line was "The Captain". I thought he was going to be either: someone they knew, someone we knew or an alien. In the end he was just some bloke. What he did confirm however is that the crash of the flight has been faked and covered up, and it was nothing to do with Jim-from-Neighbours, who appears to be behind the whole boat and not-a-rescue.

The boat is pretty cool all round. Everyone is going crazy. Some woman jumped off with chains around her. The doctor is creepy. And Michael is there. As a janitor?! (Very Hong Kong Phooey.)  I should have guessed Michael as the spy. But didn't.

I still loved every minute of it, even when they are teasing me.

My number one question from this episode is whether Aaron counts as 1 or not. Because the Oceanic Six are:

  • Jack
  • Kate
  • Hurley
  • Sun
  • Sayid
  • Aaron?

And the two dead are:

  • Jin
  • ?

I'm also wondering if the Hanso Foundation is involved with Jim-from-Neighbours, or not, I'd assumed the fight was The Dharma Initiative (aka Hanso) versus Ben and The Island. Now I'm not so sure.