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March 3, 2008

Lost, Season 4, Episode 5

Lost, you are Science Fiction, and I love you.

Oh. Yes.

So, now is the time that JJ thinks we are hooked and he can reveal Lost in all its SF glory. Daniel's rocket capsule time experiment was just a little clue, now we see the Island's properties in full effect, affecting a character.

There was so much cool stuff in this episode, I'll babble and it will all come out.

The central plot of a time travelling Desmond was great. Time travelling in mind alone. And travelling because The Island is cloaked in some time shift cloaky EM thing. And, of course, Desmond is effected badly because he was completely fried when he nuked The Hatch. Now the visions of Charlie dying make more sense, he was time travelling then too. The whole solution to Desmond's situation is of course love, and Penny. Nice. And the future can be changed? Can't it?

Daniel Faraday working as a crazed scientist in Oxford made me laugh too, he was a bit Doc from Back To The Future -like. With experiments on mice! (As all good scientists should do.) And his name is a nice tip to the awesome physicist Michael Faraday. What does Daniel really know? (In the present.)

We also found out some excellent answers in the little scene with Jim from Neighbours which was at an auction for the diary/log from The Black Rock. The Black Rock disappeared in the 10th century, and we know it ended up on The Island (full of wonky dynamite), but somehow the diary got off The Island and it belonged to Tovard Hanso. Woah. The Hanso Foundation is behind The Dharma Initiative. Presumably one of the Hanso's decided to investigate The Island after reading the diary. But why are they selling it now? And what does Jim From Neighbours want with it? And, what has he done with it, seeing as the auction was about 8 years before the "present" on The Island.

Why are the crew of the ship so nasty? Are they working for Hanso.

It's even clearer now that the whole show is about a power struggle for The Island. Were The Black Rock's crew the first Others? Or have there always been Others? Do each new set of arrivals eventually get assimilated into The Others?