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March 30, 2008

Doctor Who Starts Next Saturday

Doctor Who starts Saturday, 5th April 2008, on BBC1 at 6.20pm. That's next Saturday.

Torchwood ends, Doctor Who begins. 

Consequently the BBC publicity machine is in full effect. The trailers are on mega-repeat all over the BBC TV channels, and the trailers are actually very cool. There is hope yet that Catherine Tate will be good. Meanwhile in the lead-up all of the Christmas specials are being shown again on BBC3 this week, the latest schedule is here. And I expect Catherine Tate to appear on Breakfast and maybe This Morning and Richard And Judy.

The official website has also mentioned that it's due for a fresh look, presumably imminently.

Bets for the new series?
  • More Daleks
  • A couple of awesome episodes
  • Some rubbish episodes
  • The rumoured multi companion finale being underwhelming
  • The Sontarans being a misdirection and Davros making an appearance