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March 27, 2008

Clone, a new BBC Three comedy

BBC 3 has commissioned a new comedy called Clone:

Clone opens with a brilliant scientist unveiling the result of his life's work: the first human clone. Intended to be a prototype super soldier who will eventually replace Britain's volunteer army, the Doctor quickly realizes his super weapon is more likely to hug someone than shoot them.

Clone is a classic 'fish out of water' comedy revolving around the education of an innocent being who is seeing and experiencing our world for the first time. It could also be described as a 'buddy comedy' about a modern Dr Frankenstein and his monster.

Clone's creator is Adam Chase who had writing and executive producing roles on Friends. There's hope there as long as it isn't one continual anti-SF gag.

The series of six episodes will transmit later this year on BBC Three.

The best part of the press-release is this:

Danny Cohen [BBC Three Controller] says: "I'm thrilled that Adam Chase has come over from Hollywood to work with BBC Three..."

Farewell Hollywood! Viva BBC Three!

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haha, i found this hillarious video about clone, check it out :D