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February 14, 2008

Torchwood - Adam


This should be good but...

In theory Adam should be a good episode, it's got a decent SF concept at its heart, and yet, as is now familiar in the case of Torchwood it fails to deliver.

Here's a comment by someone who doesn't normally watch it:

"It's trying to be shocking and clever, but it's not."

And it's so true, and so hard to explain why. It's just not convincing at all. Imagine if the Captain Jack childhood flashback had been in the hands of the Lost team. It could have been great, it looked interesting, and yet it was so thin.

The emotion in this series is completely unconvincing. I'm unsure as to whether that is due to acting or writing or both. This was also a point raised by aforementioned first time viewer, so I asked the question:

"Do you find Doctor Who convincing?"

...the answer was "Yes". So despite Torchwood trying to anchor itself into reality, Doctor Who is more believable.

And of course, as with every Torchwood episode there was the checklist of items:

  • Everything gets resolved in a quick instant
  • There is attempted emotional angst
  • People snog each other
  • There's something "shocking"
  • The pimped up Range Rover with the blue LEDs gets an outing.

It's all so frustrating. Perhaps I should just give up.


I've responded on my blog:

Give up... I urge you. And everyone else. This should be good, you're right but it fails. Just sat through the latest abominable episode called "from out of the rain" the word crap doesn't even begin to touch this one.