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February 8, 2008

The Times' Top 10 modern sci-fi movie clichés

The Times has their list of top 10 modern scifi movie clichés, and they combined it with YouTube links to provide a virtual movie....

  1. A virus has decimated the population…
  2. …a virus that makes people insanely strong..
  3. ..which can only be resolved by a sassy female Special Forces operative..
  4. …who’s helped by a slumming British Thesp..
  5. …who explains the Pop Science..
  6. ..which has made the whole world go a bit ‘Mad Max’..
  7. ..except for the chief villain..
  8. ..who will take the sassy lead’s gun away..
  9. ..and don’t forget the product placement.


I hate to be picky, well actually I don't, I enjoy it so I'm going to be. Firstly, aren't some of these tropes, not clichés? (Well, maybe just the one?) Secondly when the article says:

"A mysterious virus has wiped out one tenth of mankind’ the producer will instantly start thinking ’28 Days Later’ and a nice quiet shoot."

That's not exactly how it happened. In 28 Days Later they had to painstakingly remove people digitally and for I Am Legend they caused complete chaos by closing a chunk of downtown New York. Never underestimate filming after the apocalypse.

Via Joe@FPI


Made of win. Thank you.

Made of win. Thank you.