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February 22, 2008

Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles starts on Virgin 1 tomorrow

The Virgin 1 TV channel is finally diversifying from the endless repeats of Star Trek, and doing it in a rather nice way with Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles. It starts tomorrow night (Friday) at 10pm. Virgin 1 is available via all the digital media which includes Freeview, which is unsurprisingly free. Hurrah!

And you can watch the first episode online right now here.

Meanwhile ITV2 is advertising the start of The Bionic Woman, "coming soon", I think they picked the wrong show this time...


Well I got that wrong. As I was flicking the channels last night what did I come across but Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles on Virgin 1. I honestly had checked the (quite useless) Virgin 1 website. It looks like it's on tonight again but is it episode 2? Why is it so hard to find out?!

TV Guide says it's on:

10:00pm Fri 22 Feb

8:00pm Sat 23 Feb

9:00pm Mon 25 Feb

11:00pm Wed 27 Feb

Are they all repeats??

I think the official time is Thursdays at 10pm. The official Virgin 1 site has lots of wizzy widgets if you can get it to work (I had problems).


Have you seen the online discussions brewing about the trilogy of Terminator movies now in production? I think they're called "Terminator: Future Wars" and follow the course of the future wars that we have only glimpsed in the movies so far.
They're being directed by the dubiously monikered 'McG' who was responsible for the, ahem, Charlies Angels movies. However, what does give me hope is that Christian Bale has signed on to act in at least one of them. He almost unswervingly makes good choices so I'm keeping my fingers crossed

Looking forward to the new movies (or at least... looking forward to seeing what they are gonna be like). Saw a report that Bale will actually be playing John Connor after they'd tried to persuade us to the contrary when he signed. Should be good.

As for the Sarah Connor Chronicles... I thought it was a rubbish concept, the promotional posters were great and the first episode was lame. Ah well!