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February 12, 2008

Star Wars: The Clone Wars coming to a cinema near you, soon

Not only has Lucasfilm produced a CGI TV series of The Clone Wars but has also created a film too, to be shown in real life cinemas:

A new era of Star Wars entertainment begins in 2008 when Star Wars: The Clone Wars, from creator George Lucas, premieres as an all-new feature film in August, followed by the television series debut in the fall,

Star Wars: The Clone Wars will open in North American theaters Friday, August 15. International release dates will be announced soon.

[ Star Wars: The Clone Wars In Theaters and on Television in 2008 ]

Via the Official Star Wars site.

Cool. I loved The Clone Wars animated series, lots of big crazy action battles, and so I am officially excited about the new CGI version.

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I would have preferred a Gendy Tartakovsky version for the film than a rubbish looking Pixar wannabe, to be honest.