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February 27, 2008

Paul Cornell to adapt ‘State of the Art’ for BBC Radio 4

Via Iain Banks' site

Over on his LiveJournal, science fiction writer Paul Cornell has announced that he has been commissioned to adapt the Iain Banks novella 'State of the Art' into a play for broadcast on BBC Radio 4 later this year.

Ooh, cool. I last read State Of The Art years ago, and I seem to remember that not much happened but it was a cool mood piece. I may have faulty memory. It will probably be aired at a stupid time (afternoon plays?!) but fortunately that's all irrelevant now thanks to the BBC iPlayer (who's radio version will be getting an upgrade soon.)


Interesting... I wonder if it is the whole collection or just the main story...

aha... done some checking and it is just the State of The Art novella from the collection. Hmmmm.

but a couple were really good. Can't remember the exact names, but there was one with a Culture person (I think) stranded on a planet with just his suit's AI for company, keeping him alive as he attempts to walk back to some kind of operations base. That one was ace.

The first one about the road of skulls was quite good too.